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OFF BEAT: Scalia rules for New York-style pizza over Chicago deep dish


Pizza restaurateurs in Chicago have a new risk to add to their lineups: A Supreme Court Justice has declared that the city's famous deep dish pizza pie is not a true pizza.

In a speech Friday at the Union League Club in Chicago, Justice Antonin Scalia waded into the debate over whether Chicago or New York pizza is superior by expressing his preference for the New York style.

While he described Chicago's famous deep dish pie as “very tasty,” Justice Scalia said he preferred pizza from his home city of New York, according to a report in the International Business Times.

Furthermore, the justice, who has previously publicly expressed his feelings on the great pizza debate, reiterated his previous remarks that “real pizza” — which originated in Naples, Italy — is “thin, chewy and crispy.”

Chicago's signature dish, he said, should be renamed a “tomato pie.”

Thankfully for the city's hundreds of pizzerias, in this instance the justice's ruling is not binding.