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Denial of service attacks multiplied, evolved in 2013: Report


Denial of service attacks continued to increase in number, size and sophistication in 2013, according to a report issued Tuesday by Hollywood, Fla.-based Prolexic Technologies, a provider of distributed denial of service protection services.

“Prolexic noted a clear evolution in the strategies and tactics malicious actors embraced over the past 12 months,” says the report. “The construction of botnets utilized to carry out (distributed denial of service) attacks grew both in size and sophistication in 2013,” the report states.

“It was a dynamic 12 months” for denial of service attacks, said Prolexic President Stuart Scholly in a statement. “The tools used by malicious actors in 2013 and the tactics they adopted changed considerably, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the (distributed denial of service) threat.”

Among other trends outlined by the firm in its report were that mobile devices and apps began participating in distributed denial of services campaigns, and that attacks were more likely to originate from Asian countries.

Copies of the report are available here.