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OFF BEAT: Calif. woman jailed for wrecking U-haul truck for insurance payout


A 21-year-old California woman was sentenced last week to 300 days in jail for using a U-Haul truck to commit insurance fraud and was caught red-handed through Facebook, according to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office.

Angelique Jones rented a U-Haul truck in 2011 and purposely collided it with a car owned by co-defendant Susan Lee, the district attorney’s office said. Ms. Jones and Ms. Lee, as well as two women who were inside of Ms. Lee’s car during the collision and knew of the scheme, all filed bodily injury claims against U-Haul’s un-named insurer.

The women denied knowing each other when questioned by the insurance company, the district attorney’s office said. However, the California Department of Insurance searched Ms. Jones’ Facebook page and discovered one of Ms. Lee’s passengers was Ms. Jones’ mother and the mother-in-law of the two other women in the scheme.

Ms. Jones’ accomplices each pleaded guilty to felony insurance fraud and served 180 days in jail, the attorney’s office said. All of the women were sentenced to five years of felony probation.