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OFF BEAT: Seahawks’ big win a big loss for insurer

December 16, 2013 - 2:09pm

Some prize indemnity insurance premiums have paid off handsomely for an auto dealership in the Pacific Northwest.

Federal Way, Wash.-based dealership Jet Chevrolet recently ran a promotion promising 12 fans of the Seattle Seahawks $35,000 each if the Seahawks held the visiting New York Giants scoreless during their Dec. 15 game.

According to ESPN, the Seahawk’s 23-0 victory on Sunday means the dealer’s insurance policy will pay out $420,000 to the contestants, making the $7,000 in premium that Jet Chevrolet paid the unnamed insurer quite a bargain.

Somewhere a wounded underwriter curses Giants quarterback Eli Manning, whose five interceptions helped pave the way for the shutout.