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Yoga battleground


A legal organization that fights for Christian values is suing to stop a public school program sponsored by another organization that promotes yoga, meditation and nutrition to “create a positive lifestyle change.”

According to a story published in Business Insurance, the Escondido, Calif.-based National Center for Law & Policy has filed a civil rights complaint on behalf of parents who accuse the Encinitas Union School District of violating California’s constitution that prohibit schools and other public entities from using state resources to promote religious teachings.

According to the story available here, the school yoga program is funded by a $533,000 grant from the San Diego-based K.P. Jois Foundation, which is studying the health, wellness and educational benefits of yoga in schools.

Frankly, I’m surprised yoga isn’t the state religion in California.

But my wisecracking aside, this comes just shortly after I wrote a story about an interest in yoga as a treatment for certain workers compensation ailments. That story is available here.