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Office security robot drowns in fountain


A 300-pound robot used to patrol an office building in Washington, D.C., tumbled into a water fountain Monday. The K5 machine, developed by the Silicon Valley startup Knightscope, was put to work at the Washington Harbour complex in the Georgetown section of the city when it tumbled down several concrete steps and landed on its side in a few feet of water, according to the Huffington Post.

Knightscope called the incident an “isolated event” and plans to replace the android within the next week, reported the Washington Post. 

The company Tweeted this: “Security Robot, yes. Submarine robot, no. Got it.”

Others in the Twittersphere made their own assessments of the mishap: 

“It’s OK security robot. It’s a stressful job, we’ve all been there,” quipped @SparkleOps.

“Have you thought about getting a lifeguard robot to keep the security robots from drowning (?),” wrote @bitterjoe.