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Paypal, Pandora in logo spat


The struggle is real, according to Twitter feeds: People are opening the Paypal app on their smartphones to send money and instead hearing guitars, the piano or cooing as their Pandora channels get unintended public airtime instead.

Depending on one’s music taste, it could get embarrassing. 

In a lawsuit made public on Monday, Paypal Inc. is suing Pandora Media Inc. because the music service changed its “P” logo last fall to one that resembles that of the popular money-transfer service. On a smartphone screen the logos are confusing, claims the suit, which was filed in a U.S. District Court in Manhattan on Friday.

“PayPal has built the world’s leading digital payments platform by championing the interests of its customers. Pandora’s recent adoption of a new ‘P’ logo, which is unlawfully similar to PayPal’s logo, threatens the interests of PayPal’s customers and disrupts their user experience,” the lawsuit claims.

Paypal is asking that Pandora change its logo and pay legal fees and punitive damages, per the complaint.