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UP CLOSE: Lance Ewing



NEW JOB TITLE: Memphis, Tenn.-based leader, hospitality and leisure industry practice group, Chartis Inc.

PREVIOUS POSITION: Memphis-based vp of national accounts, Chartis Inc.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Assuring Chartis remains as a leader and a resource for our hospitality and leisure clients. Plus, having fun.

GOALS FOR NEW POSITION: Help drive risk-adjusted profit in the hospitality and leisure industry practice group.

INDUSTRY CHALLENGES: Assuring that underwriting remains disciplined as the market continues to firm.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: Positive and increasingly brighter.

BEST THING ABOUT A BAD ECONOMY: You learn to be patient and discover who your true partners are.

FIRST MARKET EXPERIENCE: Intern at Erie Insurance Co.

COLLEGE MAJOR: Law and justice.

SOMEONE ONCE TOLD ME: Fix the problem, not the blame.

OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY, A DREAM JOB: International travel critic.

HOBBIES: Work and teaching others about insurance and risk management.

MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT: Insurance and risk management.

FAVORITE BOOK: Anything by Stephen King or Mark Twain.

CAN'T-MISS TV SHOW: I rarely watch television. Life is exciting enough.

FAVORITE MEAL: Seafood and a great wine.

ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Watching my daughters ride their horses.

EMAIL OR PHONE, AND WHY: Email to respond, phone to converse. But there is nothing better than a face-to-face meeting.