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OFF BEAT: Nicole Kidman's neighbor act doesn't hold water


Nicole Kidman is in deep water for flooding her downstairs neighbor's Manhattan home.

Ms. Kidman's neighbor's insurance company, Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Co., is suing the actress for $46,928.83 for damages allegedly caused by a pipe bursting in her condo on Jan. 5, 2012, reports state.

A copper pipe, which the Oscar-winner had installed to bring water to her terrace, reportedly burst when the temperature dropped, flooding her neighbor's unit and causing water damage, according to papers filed Monday with the Manhattan Supreme Court.

Ms. Kidman and her husband Keith Urban, who bought the $10 million condo in 2010, also have homes in Tennessee, California and Australia, reports state.

In 2011, Forbes listed Ms. Kidman as the 10th most overpaid star in Hollywood — right behind ex-husband Tom Cruise — noting that for every $1 she's paid, her films return about $6.70.