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Berkshire adds wrap-up, crisis coverage to contractors' general liability


Boston-based insurer Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance has expanded its contractors' general liability practice policy with two additional coverages.

Contractors will now have access to a new broad form coverage, as well as business crisis event cost coverage, to be included as a package with the primary practice policy, Berskshire Hathaway said Monday in a statement.

We're “taking a lot of the add-ons usually offered separately and putting them into one holistic endorsement,” Boston-based Vice President of Construction Casualty Bill Sullivan told Business Insurance

The broad form coverage provides aggregate limits of insurance per project, extends coverage to construction wrap-up programs, and tailors “many of the terms and conditions that can impact coverage with respect to construction defects,” Berkshire Hathaway said in the statement.

Furthermore, the business crisis event cost coverage provides up to $100,000 for costs that may arise during crises, such as funeral expenses and psychological counseling for victims and family members.