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Meningitis death toll reaches 32, with 438 cases reported


The meningitis death toll from fungal infections linked to steroid injections is 32, with 438 reported cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday.

The CDC said the total number of cases reflects 428 cases of fungal meningitis, stroke due to presumed fungal meningitis or other central nervous-system-related infection, plus 10 peripheral joint infections. No deaths have been associated with peripheral joint infections, the CDC said.

Tennessee has the highest death toll at 13, with 81 reported cases, followed by Michigan, with eight deaths and a total case count of 128, the CDC said.

The illness has been linked to steroids distributed by the New England Compounding Center, although many observers anticipate doctors, clinics and other health care providers are likely to be sued in connection with the outbreak.