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Keith Carradine's ex-wife sues insurer

The ex-wife of actor Keith Carradine is reportedly suing State Farm General Insurance Co. for failing to provide her with coverage after she was sued for using a private investigator to tail her former spouse.

Sandra Will Carradine filed a complaint in California Superior Court alleging that State Farm owes her $412,240 in fees that she paid in a 2006 lawsuit filed against her by Mr. Carradine, according to Courthouse News Service.

Mr. Carradine accused Ms. Carradine and her private eye, Anthony Pellicano, of harassing him and spying on his phone calls, the report says. Mr. Pellicano, reportedly known as the “PI to the stars,” was convicted in 2008 of racketeering and wiretapping and is serving a prison sentence.

Ms. Carradine said State Farm did not initially accept or deny her defense claim in Mr. Carradine's lawsuit, but has paid for her defense in the ongoing suit since May 2011, according to Courthouse News. She is seeking more than $1 million for alleged breach of contract during the time that State Farm did not pay for her defense, the report said.