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Best Large Retail Agents/Brokers

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1. Lockton Cos. L.L.C.

Kansas City, Mo.
Employees: 4,450
Lockton has grown from a one-man brokerage to become the world’s largest privately held insurance broker and the ninth-largest broker overall, according to Business Insurance. Lockton serves more than 175 Fortune 1000 firms as well as an array of firms in nearly every industry.
Lockton says high growth creates opportunities for personal and professional growth. Among the benefits enjoyed by its employees are Rolex watches as a 10th work anniversary gift, Beer Fridays and weekly visits to the office by a massage therapist.
“Lockton has actively supported Bring Your Children to Work Day for many years,” according to Lockton. “Children of Lockton associates participate in a half-day program giving them insight into the work world and the insurance industry. Then they can spend the afternoon shadowing their parents.”