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Best Small Reinsurance Companies

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1. Maiden Reinsurance Co.

Mount Laurel, N.J.
Employees: 141
Maiden Reinsurance Co. was formed in 2008 through the acquisition of GMAC Re by Maiden Holdings Ltd. It has structured into multidisciplinary teams that are dedicated to individual clients.
“This allows us to do business one client at a time, ensuring truly personalized and responsive service, creative reinsurance solutions and stable pricing,” according to the company.
Maiden Re allows employees to carry over all accrued unused PTO into the next year.
It closes its U.S. offices early before major holidays, with a list of holidays provided to employees ahead of time.
Maiden Re holds a company softball game where ballpark food is served. Another culinary benefit is that Maiden Re buys lunch for all employees on days when it snows heavily.