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Best Small Reinsurance Brokers

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1. BMS Intermediaries Inc./JHIS

Edina, Minn.
Employees: 87
BMS Intermediaries Inc./JHIS is part of BMS Group, a specialist insurance group built around teams of experts in the fields of reinsurance, wholesale and direct insurance and two managing general agencies.
“Our vision is to double in size in the next four years and become the acknowledged broker of choice in the market,” according to BMS. “Our people are what make us a great company to do business with.”
BMS provides monthly breakfasts to employees as a thank-you. In addition, leaders often provide breakfast at other times during the month.
BMS also holds regular socials when new business is won. It closes its offices two hours early the day before a holiday, unless business demands differently, to allow employees the opportunity to enjoy a full holiday.