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Best Small Group Life/Health Insurers

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1. Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Co.

Salt Lake City
Employees: 142
Equitable Life & Casualty Insurance Co. officially commemorated 77 years as a Utah-domiciled life and health insurance company on June 6, 2012. It is a closely held life, accident and health insurance company that provides life and health insurance products to a growing senior market.
It also provides an employee-friendly environment with an emphasis on community. “Every other Friday, we touch a different charity by providing a Jeans for a Cause Day where employees can wear jeans and are encouraged to donate a dollar,” with the company matching all donations.
In addition, “we have made it a tradition to close the office one hour early (and pay employees for that hour) the workday before a three-day holiday weekend. This allows employees to spend time with their families and get a jump-start on the holiday weekend.”