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Current Issue

We're sorry, but our servers have not been able to process your request effectively.

This may be due to a number of reasons

The database/system you are using has changed since you last logged-in, and your computer thinks you are still logged-in to the old version

There has been a prolonged period of inactivity while the system was still “active/open” in your browser

The server has experienced a “Time Out” error (a number of factors can cause this, including your security policies)

Local internet connectivity issues Our solutions are all cloud-based and do not require any installation of software on your local machine. Any of the above issues can therefore adversely affect the user experience.

The best solution is to try and login again – please close your browser, re-start it, and then log into your database. In most cases this will resolve the situation.

If you still encounter a problem, please send an email to support@businessinsurance.com

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We apologise for any inconvenience.